Whatever your budget, we're keen to work with you and create something awesome. Below are some examples of what your project might cost.


Example one – the simple and effective company introduction.

You’ll have a good idea of what you want to say and what the viewer should see and won’t need too much input on content. Probably filmed in one location to keep setup of equipment and sets to a minimum. It might be an interview piece with an employee or a voiceover. Then that dialogue is brought to life with great video footage that shows the viewer the services or products being talked about.

Some nice stock music accompanies this video along with clear, simple graphics that represent the company image and help bring the whole piece together.

Approximate cost – $2,500


Example two – the creative and punchy profile/sales video.

Here we’ll work with you on your end-goal and what you want the viewer to feel and do after watching. We’ll work on unique concepts to present your story in a way that also shows your company’s personality beyond the bricks and mortar, words, and images. We’ll script something interesting, magnetic and unique. The finish will be elevated with more styling in the shoot and more visual story telling for example, and may include more graphics, locations, and professional talent, etc.

There are a lot of variables in this approach and we’ll work with you to make it happen within your budget.

Approximate cost – $3,000 – $20,000


Example three – the creative full story.

The start of our process is always your end-goal and from there we’ll talk with people across your organisation and industry to build the full picture and create ideas and build intricate scripts. This project will be detail focused and present those details in interesting and subtle ways, weaving a story together to make your mini movie.

There may be technical elements or legal requirements to cover off in this video. There may be many location shoots taking us further afield. Possibly recognisable talent. Maybe a good deal of motion graphics to supplement the story. The idea here is to build a video that tells the story and leaves no stone unturned in order to fully represent your company image through the production value and storytelling.

Approximate cost – $20,000+


Example four – the cost effective video series.

We work really hard with our clients to give them the best value for their spend. A great way to achieve this is the video series. For example: perhaps filming a number of products you want to showcase; or multiple tutorial videos highlighting your expertise; or several separate interviews with your team for employment branding; or a number of your clients providing case studies about your company.

We can work with you on the ideas you already have for a single video and look at how this can be expanded out to give your viewers lots of great content, shooting multiple videos across a single session, all edited with a format that suits the series. They’ll still all have the polish and styling that makes your brand shine but this is a great way to get lots of content while keeping the per video costs to a minimum.

Approximate cost – starting at as little as $300 per video.

We love to talk through ideas, it’s what keeps us fresh. So drop us a line and we’ll be happy to come over and see you and talk about what we might be able to achieve for you. No obligations, no stress.