8 Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Video is no longer an option, it’s a vital part of any successful marketing content strategy. So going forwards, it’s no surprise that video will be shaping the world of marketing more than ever. So what lies ahead in trends around video for 2017?

An increase in spend on video

2017 is expected to be the year where spend on online is to be higher than for TV. Some market commentators are reporting that as much as 50% of marketing budget should now be dedicated purely to video content. The realisation that video works and provides a return on investment is real. Video is now expected as part of the consumer experience with research showing that 25% of audiences will lose interest and move on if there isn’t a video explaining products and services. This means that now, more than ever, budget needs to be set aside for video as part of a successful content strategy.

Quality over quantity

As the competition for video viewers increases, so does, therefore, the demand for quality video. Pumping out low quality, poorly shot video hurts a brand. No one any longer has time for it in the sea of video content out there. Cut through the noise with better produced, more well thought out videos that are on brand, enhance your image and drive better engagement and results.

Helpful video

Creating something meaningful for your audience is how smart marketers are converting viewers to customers and building relationships with their audience. A year or two ago “viral” video was often the buzzword we heard from clients. But the fact is that viral videos don’t sell to the viewer. Successful videos convert sales and are aimed at a specific audience. They build trust and authority in your brand with the audience and build relationships. How to and tutorial videos are a great way to be helpful to your market and increase your sales in the long term.

Longer videos

There’s a myth in video marketing that shorter is always better. But the truth is videos are never too long – only too boring! One of the huge benefits of online over tv advertising is there are often no time limits. Let the content be king and dictate the length of the video. This still means stripping out repetition and keeping the video engaging but storytelling is a powerful communication tool and long form content works, for as long as it remains interesting.

Customised video for different platforms

Each social media platform is unique and if a company wants to effectively grab the attention of their Facebook audience as well as their YouTube subscribers, the content may need to be altered for each. For example, a corporate may want to upload a lengthy presentation to share with their customers but you can also use short soundbites of this content to grab attention on Facebook or to generate interest in the long form video. Getting the best from video means understanding the different platforms and how the audiences engage with them and adapting your video accordingly.

Live Video

The wave of live video is expected to grow with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all adding live video to their platforms. YouTube saw an 80% increase in their live video last year. Marketers including this in their content strategy may well have an advantage in the year ahead in being seen as current and creative in the eyes of their audience, and in being kept front of mind.

Videos without sound

Particularly for Facebook, where 85% of videos are watched on a mobile without sound, more thought now is being put into video content that is successful even without dialogue or music. On screen graphics and text captions are just some of the ways to design video to keep your viewers engaged and get your message communicated.

Strategy for video

While other areas of a marketing have strategy and planning prioritised, video strategy has been somewhat lacking until now for most companies with video content being ad hoc, inconsistent in style and messaging, and often not in synergy with other aspects of marketing. There is now more of a move towards creating a strategy for video as marketers realise that the ROI on video is far greater than other forms of media, and that returns, like any other media, are greater when attached to a clear and well defined strategy. When talking to a client about video content, our first questions are always around “why” way before we get to the “what” or “how”. Understanding what a client is trying to achieve from their video, so that then we can plan the best approach, content and style, is always the first priority.

Video is dominating the marketing world now. Customers are expecting it, platforms are boosting it and companies are getting great returns when investing in video. If you need help creating your video strategy, talk to us at Perpetua and we’ll be glad to help!